Out in the open: A Love to Hide

This film was made for anybody who found Schindler’s List or Hotel Rwanda a bit too lightweight. If you’re not in floods of tears by the final scene of A Love to Hide, you are made of harder stuff than I am.

Set in Paris during the second world war, the film centres on Jean, his boyfriend, Philippe, and his Jewish childhood friend, Sara. The lovers conceal Sara when she appears at Jean’s door after her family are killed by the Nazis.

Things become complicated when Jean’s brother, Jacques, takes a shine to Sara. Realising she has eyes only for his brother, Jacques sets up Jean to be arrested. As you do.

Unfortunately, the arrest ends in Jean being sent off to the concentration camps. I won’t give the ending away, in case you want to get hold of the DVD. (Amazon.co.uk are selling it at a bargain price at the moment.)

The film is a 2005 made-for-TV production, originally titled Un Amour à Taire and based on the book Moi, Pierre Seel, Déporté Homosexuel, by Pierre Seel. Jean is played by Belgian actor Jérémie Renier, who you may recognise from movies such as Potiche and In Bruges.

If life is just too much fun and you fancy an evening in, blubbing in front of the TV, this is the film you have been waiting for.

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