Les rosbifs: cooking up a storm

Stop press: French enjoy British food shocker! British food has long been derided across the Channel, but no more. Or so says the new issue of Olive magazine.

British food is becoming cool – in the French capital at least.

The Sunken Chip, for example, is a fish and chip shop in the 10th arrondissement where you can wash down your battered cod with tea served in a royal wedding mug. At the other end of the market, there’s the Beef Club in the first arrondissement, where British ingredients are used in the international dishes they serve.

Jamie Oliver has also succeeded in selling his Jamie Oliver en 15 Minutes book to time-pressed Parisians.

Outside of Paris, it’s a different story, however.

Opening a restaurant serving British food or even with a British chef is not a recipe for success. It would have to rely on Brits for its trade. In an average rural village, few French people would go. In fact, villagers will often snub anyone from outside the village.

So, while French cuisine may be international, the attitude of French diners often isn’t.

It will be interesting to see whether British cuisine will now win them over. Hold the front page if you like, but don’t hold your breath.

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2 thoughts on “Les rosbifs: cooking up a storm

  1. This made me wonder if you have seen the film The Hundred-Foot Journey, starring Helen Mirren, which I haven’t seen yet but it is now at the cinemas in Australia. It seems to have a French cooking v Indian cuisine theme

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