Birthday party

Childish pleasures: and northern charm

Every year my inner child likes to turn my birthday into a two-week celebration. Now things might be getting out of hand – I’ve just arranged a long weekend to mark not my birthday, but a friend’s.

In fairness, Michael is holding his birthday party in France. I reckon that justifies the four-day break.

Although it’s not a special birthday, he’s hired the salle de fêtes in the Pas de Calais village where he has a weekend home.

He’s invited many of his friends from England to his party in mid-April. That means a bonanza weekend for the local chambres d’hôtes, I imagine.

Damon and I have booked a gîte this week. It will be our first trip of the year to France and we have already begun thinking about what we might do to make the most of our time there.

By coincidence, the latest issue of French Property News has a feature on where to go within a couple of hours’ drive of the Channel tunnel. That should give us some inspiration.

From the village where we’ll be staying, Boulogne-sur-Mer is just 50 minutes away and Lille is about an hour and a half. Arras – an hour away – looks like it might be worth a visit too.

“From the village where we’ll be staying, Boulogne-sur-Mer is just 50 minutes away and Lille is about an hour and a half”

Michael says he’s lined up some entertainment for the party. The last time I had anything like that, I was five and my parents had hired a magician.

Perhaps like me, Michael likes to indulge his inner child when it comes to birthdays…

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2 thoughts on “Childish pleasures: and northern charm

  1. Never had a magician for my birthday, though my inner child would love that to this very day!

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