Lemon curd soufflés

Hot and bothered: lemon curd soufflé

In Menton today, the crowds are lining the streets to mark the beginning of the city’s lemon festival. I can’t make it down there, unfortunately, but I am with them in spirit. Well, in dessert, really.

I made lemon curd soufflés to celebrate the occasion, you see. I got the idea from my pornographic magazine of choice, French Property News. It had given over a whole page to things you could do with lemons.

Surprisingly, it gave a link to an American website, which gave measurements in cups. Whatever they are.

Frustrated, I turned to my old kitchen standby, Delia Smith, instead. She, of course, had a perfect recipe. It was simple – and in metric.

She billed her soufflés as ‘everlasting’, because they wouldn’t collapse. They shrank a little when I took them out of the oven, but they still looked like soufflés when I came to serve them.

I wasn’t sure about the lemon curd part of the recipe – but actually, it added zing to the result. Without it, the soufflés might have been blandly eggy.

“They shrank a little when I took them out of the oven, but they still looked like soufflés when I came to serve them”

I don’t think the lemons I used were actually from Menton. They came from Lidl.

Nevertheless, I think we can safely consider the Menton lemon festival officially launched.

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4 thoughts on “Hot and bothered: lemon curd soufflé

  1. ….I am glad to hear it was only your soufflé that shrank…..

  2. Maybe they came from Menton, you never know:)

  3. A new recipe for me to try. Like you I get frustrated by the varying measurements. Then a friend brought me a measuring ‘cup’ that gave UK, USA and European measurements. It’s wondrous!

  4. I remember the lemon and orange festival, too. What a great time and some fantastic citrus artworks!

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